Joseph Sawyer

I'm seeking a ground floor opportunity to offer my skills and develop a career with an organisation seeking an enthusiastic, loyal person for general team projects and/or a specifc sector.

About Me

Over the years I have worked on many of my own design and development projects in order to further my knowledge and, by creating and solving new challenges, to fulfil my continuing enthusiasm for computers.

Many of the things I have worked on primarily involve the web, but I have dipped my toes in various languages, frameworks and platforms to experience as much as I can and to challenge myself. My favourite thing to have built is my persistant browser based game written in ASP.NET using MSSQL was one of the hardest challenges I've faced. But every step of the way where I was faced with another hurdle, only made the moment I solved the problem that much sweeter.

I also have 2 home servers that I have deployed in various configurations including Windows and Linux, running both physical and virtual impletementations. I have experience in my home server of using Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, NAS, IIS, SQL and Exchange Server.

Due to circumstances that arose, I could not complete my formal education. However, it has not stopped me filling most of my free time with computer-related activities. I have continued to work on various projects and keeping up to date with the latest web technologies. Unfortunately, due to my current job role, my free time is not in great supply and I could think of nothing better than to make the jump to software development full time.

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Gaming has been a part of me ever since I could use a mouse and keyboard. Half Life, Counter Strike, Portal and Team Fortress. Lately my game has turned back to Monster Hunter with the release of World and Guild Wars 2 where I have an insatiable thirst for all things shiny!


Anything with big epic action. Big guns, big explosions or robots you can be sure I'll love it. I'll also watch anything super, MCU, DC TV series and I am always one of the ones still in my seat at the end of a Marvel super hero film for the lucrative post-credits clip.


From epic soundtracks by Two Steps From Hell to heavy Romanian metal. I enjoy tracks from all genres from all around the globe. When a song can make walking down a street feel epic, there isn't anything music cannot help you achieve.


The fuel of the gods, I drink it from time to time to help recharge my batteries. Sometimes I'll try one of those fancy ones, but anything hot is good.


Blog Engine

ASP.NET | SQL | JavaScript | MVC | php

A fairly straigt forward blogging platform, originally written in ASP, had several iterations including being written in php. The blog included features such as pages, widgets and themes that could be downloaded and installed through the backend administration system.

GW2 Web Toolkit

JavaScript | jQuery AJAX

When I play Guild Wars, I use the marketplace to build my in-game fortune. When APIs were released for the game, I built a web app that I could use to assist me to maximise profit through monitoring prices and sales to predict when the best time to buy and sell was.

South Coast Chandeliers


I designed and host the online presence of South Coast Chandeliers. Using Orchard CMS, the business is able to keep their own content up to date and I ensure the site stays online.

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ADB Tool


Always owning some description of Android device, I wrote an desktop app to make usage of development tools faster and more more simple due to flashing a phone every other day. It included a feature to automatically download universal drivers for fastboot/ADB to simplify driver installs.

Media Server


When using a Windows Phone device, I was playing around with the idea of a media streaming service so I could watch my home server media anywhere. Media streaming worked well and used a web API to index and manage all media stored on the server.

Raspberry Pi


I recently started building a robot using a Raspberry Pi and Python. Mostly a 'just for fun' project in my free time, maybe one day it will be our overlord.

Purple Sector

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

I offered to design and host the website for Purple Sector Accountants to secure their spot on the web. The site is a basic static page with a custom JavaScript navigation menu.

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Rota Print


In my previous job role I was responsible for building team rotas which took a considerable amount of time and effort. Written in JavaScript, I wrote this to extend the functionality and add quality of life features to produce rotas more efficiently.


NodeJS | MongoDB

Recently, I've been playing around with NodeJS and MongoDB using SocketIO. For fun, I've been building an MMO in the browser. A work in progress, the project has many been challenging but great fun.


ASP.NET | SQL | JavaScript

A game similar to modern city building games. Build a village, train troops and battle to dominate the world. One of the hardest challenges I have set myself, but without a doubt the best fun I've had programming and the best outcome, having dreamed of building such a game after playing TribalWars in school.

Download Manager


With many downloads stored on my local network, I created a management system in command line to control storage automatically and allow for easy download, version control, backup and sharing.

Mobile Games

Java | C# | JavaScript

I have always played around with the idea of making games for mobile phones. My only real idea I've worked on is Finger Maze. Initially created in C# and the XNA Framework. More recently re-created in Java for an Android version and JavaScript with my own on-going port of XNA Framework to JS.